Interoperability Working Group

Business Objective

Identify and describe the business and operating requirements of interoperability in mining. Capture the industry challenges and articulate the value.

Project Description

The vision of the Interoperability Working Group is to facilitate the development and adoption of open systems and solutions, and international standards for interoperability of all mining equipment, processes, and operating personnel. As intelligent systems, digital connectivity, and data availability and exchange become a reality, it is important to consider the benefit and impact on interoperability for mining. This new Working Group will strive to ensure that the industry automation and integration will not be constrained as new technologies and processes emerge.

A series of workshops were held in early 2017 in Australia, South America, and North America to identify the interoperability priorities and requirements of the global mining industry. From these meetings, participants reached consensus on what should and should not be covered in the Working Group scope.

These areas include:

  • Use cases
  • Scope/function/requirements to underpin the value proposition
  • Reference architecture framework
  • Cyber security
  • Privacy
  • Commercial confidentiality

Business Case

Mining equipment is currently unable to exchange data freely, due to proprietary limitations, which affects mine owners and operators as equipment data becomes more complex. Introducing interoperability will mean broader engagement, improved communication between equipment, better operating excellence, equipment development, and deployment.

Interoperability impacts all industry stakeholders. With proper and integrated information access to resources, processes, and decision history, mine owners and operators can benefit by being able to identify, develop, and deploy solutions that are more productive, safe, and sustainable. This will greatly impact developing mining equipment, and communications and information technology. It will also have a direct impact on vendors and OEMs.