Architecture Reference Framework

Business Objective

Describe the functionality of integrated operations in a mining system, using common language to detail and describe implementation.

Project Description

The Integrated Operations Working Group is developing an architecture reference framework. The framework will outline the following (within the scope of standards, adoption, communication, and collaboration):

Data Ingestion

  • Devices
  • Integration of hardware
  • Software and common protocols
  • Monitoring and control
  • External data sources

Data Aggregation

  • Data stores
  • Standardized storage formats
  • Data resiliency and availability
  • Data encryption, integration layers, abstraction, and APIs

Data Processing

  • Analytics (batch, real-time, predictive)
  • Unified data search and retrieval
  • Centralized and edge processing capabilities

Decision Process

  • Data consumption and visualization
  • Reporting structure
  • Situation management
  • Insights into mining value chain
  • Supply chain
  • Planning and operations

Current project objectives are:

  • Understand the most popular offerings from vendors across the mining value chain from “mine to market and sensor to boardroom.”
  • Align these offerings to a reference architecture framework.
  • Understand the best way to enable communication between siloed systems and platforms.

Business Case

By breaking down the silos across the mining value chain, mining companies can unlock double digit percentage improvements for mining operations. For integrated operations to operate successfully, the digital technological solutions must be made available. A reference architecture framework enables mining companies to understand their operations and communications needs, and articulate them to vendors.

Providing a narrower focus for operational mining technology will create a more competitive landscape for vendors, and enables better innovation toward integrated operations.