Mobile Equipment Open Data

Business Objective

Facilitate consensus between owner/operators and OEMs to enable open access to onboard data for open pit and underground mobile equipment.

Project Description

The project began more than 12 years ago with Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology (SMART), when accessing onboard data was identified as a common industry challenge. It gained momentum in 2015, resulting in the Mobile Equipment Data Consensus Guideline, published in early 2016. Version Two of the guideline is underway to address incomplete datasets and additional types of mobile equipment.

Current project objectives are:

  • Reach a consensus between OEMs and owner/operators regarding what onboard data should be provided to the owner.
  • Publish Version Two by 2018.
  • Tracking OEM and operator use of the published guideline (Open Data Lighthouse Project) and publish a series of case studies.

Business Case

Most leading enterprise mine operators focus on continuous improvement and innovation. This requires a significant amount of technology, systems and information, including source data related to the real-time and historical performance of mobile mining equipment.

In addition to open access to mobile equipment data for internal operator use, many mine operators are moving to advanced services to support the ongoing health, condition and performance of the equipment. To support these services and others,OEMs also require effective real-time and historical data integration to the mobile equipment in the field. However, there are a number of challenges to address:

  • Secure and cost-effective access to this data has been elusive as owner/operator, third-party solution providers, and OEM’s struggle with how to support openness while preserving their intellectual property and defining value-added service opportunities.
  • Before technical equipment connectivity standards can emerge, there must be a common industry vision of what data is required and why it is needed.
  • Operators have not purchased the intellectual property of the equipment itself. Some aspects of the data may unveil sensitive IP for the equipment manufacturers.

The Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline is based on the real needs of owners to extract value from the equipment data. This guideline outlines the onboard data groups that should be made available and open to the equipment owner, in a real-time, read-only format.

Project Updates

Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline


December 2016: The Data Access and Usage (DAU) Working Group has begun the process of developing a second version of the Mobile Equipment Open Data guideline. Read more...