Research Collaboration

Business Objective

Evaluate the current state of integrated operations knowledge through a collaborative effort to compile research from mining and outside industry academics on integrated operations.

Project Description

The research collaboration will address integrated operations in its application within the mining industry by building a body of knowledge of IO. The sub-committee will aggregate existing research from academics on IO and perform opportunity assessments and gap analysis.

Current project objectives are:

  • Help identify and define basic operational and infrastructure requirements.
  • Outline the basic roadmap steps to develop and deploy IO.
  • Provide a literature summary with clearly defined references and citations.
  • Provide a list of best practices.
  • Identify several recent use cases that could help mining management see the benefits of IO.
  • Identify new cross-functional KPIs that should be leveraged to make IO successful.
  • Identify changes in the ways people are compensated as their roles change.
  • Identify potential risks in IO that should be considered.

Business Case

Outside industries (oil and gas, military, utilities, airlines, logistics, and transportation) have taken the lead in developing and deploying integrated operations conceptual models. By leveraging previous work, the lessons learned and best practices developed by these other industries, Global Mining Guidelines Group can more easily align and build a pool of knowledge in mining. IO is not just about the technology used in a centralized control centre, but includes the technology, change management, and process engineering required to engage people, provide information, and restructure work processes to improve collaborative decision making for complex operations.

This research collaboration is an opportunity to get the full picture of what research has been done across the globe on the development of IO, and will be a crucial first step in providing context for all future integrated operations in the mining industry.