Global Mining Guidelines Group At GMG, we bring the global mining industry together – innovators, pioneers, outside-the-box thinkers – to work together to challenge the status quo, adopt and develop innovative technologies to ensure a better future for humanity. Welcome to GMG. The world is built on mining, from advanced cities to the most remote areas on the planet – at home, at work and at play. Our industry values safety, sustainable living and economic prosperity for the areas where we operate and the communities around them. We’re committed to address critical challenges to ensure a healthy future for all. Collaboration is essential for the mining industry to accelerate the pace at which it is innovating and become a beacon of progress towards a better world.

New Case Studies!

Four case studies for skills migration in the transition to autonomous mining have been published, providing examples around strategy and lessons learned.

New Publication

We’ve published a report on industry challenges and next steps for mobile equipment open data which summarizes results of GMG community input. 

New Landscape for Interoperability

This landscape aims to increase visibility of what organizations are doing on interoperability to enable collaboration and accelerate the progress of ongoing efforts.

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