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Note: tours are reserved for forum participants.

Komatsu MC51 Mechanical Rock Excavator Site Visit at Garson Mine

Thursday, June 20

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Garson Mine is one of Sudbury’s 5 underground operating mines in Sudbury, Ontario. Mining has taken place on the Garson site since 1908.

The Komatsu MC51 Mechanical Rock Excavator is a first of its kind machine that is currently mechanically excavating a 5.2 x 5.1 m tunnel without the use of explosives.

Tour visitors will travel by Toyota Land Cruiser from Surface to the 460 ft. Level of the mine to see the tunneling operation and MC51.


Arrival – 7 AM | Departure: 10 AM
Capacity: 9 people

*If more than 9 people indicate their interest in attending this tour, a second, later tour may be conducted.

Important Information

Attendees must make their own way to Garson Mine, approximately 20 minutes by car from Sudbury.

PPE Requirements

  • Safety boot with metatarsal guard
  • High visibility coveralls
  • Miners belt
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

*Bring your own. If you do not have you own or cannot pack it, a full set can be made available to you.

Please contact us with your boot, coverall, and belt size if you require PPE so that items are ready.

Norcat Underground Centre

Thursday, June 20

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This 45-minute tour allows you exclusive, guided access of the NORCAT Underground Centre, the only underground, operating mine designed specifically for startups, SMEs and multinational corporations to test, demo and showcase their technologies in a real mine environment.

The Underground Centre has become the global destination to see the emerging technologies that are poised to transform the mining industry and, in doing so, has helped build and support Canada’s global reputation as a market leader in the mining industry.

The goal of the NORCAT Underground Centre is to use or active laboratory to connect and broker relationships between mining technology companies (the “builders” of innovation”) and global mining companies (the “buyers” of innovation) to create an ecosystem like no other in the world.

During your visit, you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the groundbreaking technologies revolutionizing the mining industry.

Moreover, in the Hexagon–HARD-LINE room, you’ll be treated to a live demonstration featuring their cutting-edge TeleOp chair. This interactive demo allows you to engage with Hexagon’s innovative solutions in real-time, providing a deeper understanding of their capabilities and impact.

Tour details

Bus pick-up at Science North: early AM
Tour: 10-11:15 AM
Return to Science North: approximately 12:30 PM

Capacity: 15 ppl

Important Information

Tour will start from Science North at approximately 8:15 AM.

All PPE will be provided by NORCAT although attendees are free to bring their own if they meet specs.

Learn more about the specs here.

Attendees must fill out Visitor Orientation document before event.