Holistic Energy Management Across the Mine Site Workshop

The Holistic Energy Management Across the Mine Site project will be a white paper that highlights the energy demands across a mine site and considerations for how to improve energy management at a high-level and redefine the understanding of energy. Proper energy management can help with implementation of new technologies, making them more operationally efficient and cost-effective. This project can help mines understand which technology solutions exist and how they might help.

At the workshop, we will explore ways to help the mining industry understand how to balance energy demand: if you had a limited energy source, what are the opportunities to temporarily or permanently change energy consumption at the mine site?

April 9, 2024

7-9 AM EDT/CLT | 12-2 PM BST | 1-3 PM SAST/CEST | 2-4 PM AST | 7-9 PM AWST