A Standardized Time Classification Framework for Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining: Operational Definitions, Time Usage Model, and Key Performance Indicators

Published: August 31,2020

Publication: 2020-08-31
Working Group: Data Access and Usage
Status: Current


This guideline provides a classification framework for operational activity that will enable meaningful performance analysis and industry-wide comparison. The framework includes the following:

  • Recommendations for the consistent classification of common surface mining operational activities, statuses, and events into standard time categories.
  • A Time Usage Model, which is a visual representation of the recommended classification framework identified above.
  • Recommended definitions for common industry operational key performance indicators (KPIs) for reporting mining asset availability and utilization.
  • The time categories, Time Usage Model, and KPI definitions outlined in this guideline are not intended to be industry standards; these are recommendations for recording and understanding operational performance. The framework documented in this guideline will support further collaboration aimed at developing additional KPIs and definitions.





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