About the Global Mining Guidelines Group

In a world of deeper mines, more complex orebodies, rising energy costs, rapidly advancing technology, and external demands from local communities and investors, the mining industry is looking for ways to adapt, innovate, thrive, and uphold its high standard of safety in the changing landscape. So, how can the industry respond to these challenges and stay on top of future innovations? 

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG), founded in May 2012, is a not-for-profit membership organization that brings the global mining community together by providing a platform for collaboration and a space that fosters network and relationship building between stakeholders from within and across the mining industry. This open and inclusive hub for innovators to gather facilitates and mobilizes the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop operator-driven guidance, resources, and common practices that can be operationalized in response to some of the industry’s most pressing demands across the globe. 

GMG’s purpose is to enhance the safety, innovation, and sustainability of the global mining community by facilitating and accelerating collaboration among industry stakeholders. 


At GMG, everyone can participate openly. But being a GMG Member provides your company and its staff with the opportunity to make an impact and spearhead innovation and develop solutions to some of the mining industry’s most pressing challenges. 

Companies join GMG to support industry-wide initiatives to align, advance and innovate the global mining industry. 


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GMG works towards alignment on industry needs by adopting a multistakeholder approach to foster collaboration and innovation and to develop relevant guidance for the industry.