• Administers the GMG affairs 
  • Represents the membership of GMG and being directly accountable to such membership 
  • Performs a fiduciary duty to those who provide funds to GMG and to GMG staff for the sound administration of the institution 
  • Conducts a general duty of trust to those served by GMG 



  • Setting and steering the execution of GMG strategic direction 
  • Governing GMG 
  • Approving and overseeing GMG´s budget 
  • Representing GMG internationally 
  • Acting as an ambassador within and outside of the GMG community 
  • Approving the publishing of guidelines, ensuring the process has been followed 
  • Overseeing the launching and discharging of Working Groups 
  • Instituting Special Committees 
  • Upholding and adhering to GMG’s principles 


All Officers of GMG, with the exception of the Managing Director, must be employed by GMG Member Companies in good standing. The Executive Council for GMG is comprised of the following positions:  

  • Chair 
  • Vice-Chair 
  • Outgoing Chair 
  • Vice-Chair Working Groups 
  • Vice-Chair International Standards 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Managing Director