• Acts as an advisory body to GMG’s Executive Council driving our organization’s strategy and direction 
  • Reviews the progress of current projects and the project pipeline 
  • Provides guidance on potential future projects and collaborations, and input into prioritization 



  • Providing input into GMG strategy, direction and priorities 
  • Reviewing the progress of current projects and pipelines 
  • Providing input into working group prioritization 
  • Driving synergies and standardization across working groups 
  • Promoting a culture of innovation and collaboration throughout the participating organizations 
  • Assisting with the alignment of GMG projects and activities with the priorities of the broader mining industry 
  • Advising international standards collaboration and research and development: key organizations for collaboration, projects of interest, and challenges to address 
  • Communicating GMG activity internally within own organizations and encouraging participation  
  • Assisting with acquiring and motivating industry stakeholder participation 


The GMG Leadership Advisory Board is made up of representatives from GMG Leadership Member Companies. It comprises: 

  • One (1) senior management representative and one (1) key corporate contact for each organization with GMG Leadership Member Company status 
  • GMG Chair 
  • GMG Vice-Chair 
  • GMG Outgoing Chair 
  • GMG Vice-Chair Working Groups  
  • GMG Managing Director