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Why join?

When attempting to overcome challenges alone, the obstacles can seem monumental. When approached together, however, anything is possible.

Our members are mining companies, OEMs, OTMs, research organizations and consultants from around the world who recognize that innovation does not happen in silos. We collaborate in communities of interest to address common challenges and create tangible deliverables, enabling a productive and sustainable future for mining. Become a member to:

  • Address common challenges
  • Influence innovation and the future of mining
  • Enhance the safety and sustainability of the global mining community
  • Ensure the continuation of industry collaboration on issues and concerns that affect all stakeholders

Membership Levels and Benefits

GMG offers three levels of membership: General ($5,000 US), Collaborator ($15,000 US) and Leadership ($30,000 US). Benefits for all include:

  • Networking and collaborating with, and learning from, global mining stakeholders
  • Influencing global mining guidelines, protocols, and standards and enabling their adoption
  • Staying current with industry trends, developments, and projects
  • Implementing guidelines to result in reduction in maintenance costs, simplification of the operator environment, and increasing of safety and productivity
  • Contributing to industry-led processes
  • Receiving Corporate Member Reports 3 times a year
  • Recognition on the Global Mining Guidelines Group website and communications
  • Membership rates on various Global Mining Guidelines Group-related events

Collaborator and Leadership Level Members:

Collaborator and Leadership level members are invited to attend GMG’s annual Future Mining Summit. The summit is a think-tank style forum aimed at defining the mining industry’s needs, opportunities and road blocks. The aim is to build a collective vision and to identify the guidelines, standards, and collaborative efforts required to achieve it.

Leadership Level Members:

Leadership members further influence the direction of future mining by playing an active role on GMG Leadership Council. This council:

  • Establishes GMG direction and priorities
  • Reviews the progress of current projects and how they will be implemented
  • Gives input on prioritization, methodology and desired outcomes for the working groups, for the benefit of all
  • Makes recommendations on potential projects and collaborations

How to become a member?

For more information and to complete your membership request, please fill out the form below.

Global Mining Guidelines Group promotes innovation through collaboration. The greater the input from all industry stakeholders, the more reflective and impactful the results. Join us, share your knowledge and influence the future of mining!