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Artificial Intelligence

  • Foundations for AI in Mining Project

    This educational project will articulate a clear and unified framework of what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it can benefit the mining industry [...]Read More

Autonomous Mining

  • Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment Project

    This project aims to develop a guideline that clearly defines functional safety for automated mobile mining equipment and identifies relevant standards for managing it. Read More
  • Implementation of Autonomous Systems Project

    This guideline aims to enable global mining companies and OEMs to adopt and successfully implement autonomous mining systems. Read More

Data Access and Usage (DAU)

  • Data Exchange for Mine Software Project

    Software vendors and mining companies working to create an open-source file interchange to allow transfer of geometric objects and other attributed data. They have created the Open Mining Format (OMF) for easily transferred 3D data. Read More
  • Mobile Equipment Open Data Project

    This guideline aims to establish guiding principles, definitions, and a consensus framework for access to onboard data from mobile equipment across the mine cycle. The first version was published in 2016, and version two will address incomplete datasets and additional types of mobile equipment. Read More
  • Operational KPIs Project

    This project aims develop standard definitions and terminology for production data and operational KPIs for reporting and classifying operational activities. It classifies activities into a Time Usage Model (TUM). Read More


  • Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Project

    This guideline aims to provide a foundation and common guiding framework for the international mining industry to move forward with interoperability. Read More

Underground Mining

  • Battery Electric Vehicles Underground Project

    The Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) project explores the unique challenges and opportunities BEVs present for the mining industry. The first edition of the guideline outlined the recommended practice for the use of BEVs in an underground mining environment. Version 2 considers new technologies and fills in gaps.Read More
  • Short Interval Control Project

    This guideline will be a roadmap for the adoption of Short Interval Control (SIC), a process that allows mining supervisors to manage tasks throughout a single shift more efficiently, enabling real-time feedback on completed and outstanding work.Read More
  • Underground Communications Infrastructure Project

    This project is a guideline suite designed to assist improved communication and network infrastructure underground. It focuses on planning, development, and sustainability in an underground environment.Read More