The Global Mining Guidelines Group provides a safe, open space for industry-wide, multi-stakeholder collaboration. To do so, sound governance is required, including enforcement of a clear Antitrust Policy, and an established set of policies and procedures. Global Mining Guidelines Group’s management is available to answer any questions related to governance, and our policies and procedures are available on our virtual collaboration site.


These policies and guiding documents ensure that GMG’s operations and governance regulations and practices are accessible and available to all, and reaffirm GMG’s core value of transparency.


The structure and organization of GMG governing bodies and committee is designed in a way to maximize communication and consultation, to ensure that the voices of our members and volunteers are contributing to and shaping all aspects of GMG’s work and decision-making.

The decision-making processes involve the Executive Council and Working Group Steering Committees reporting to each other, in addition to direct reporting between the Working Group Steering Committee and the Project Committees.

As part of the reporting and advising process at GMG, the Working Group Steering Committees report to the Executive Council on all work and input related to all Projects, Project Committees, and Working Groups report to the Executive Council. The Leadership Advisory Board, Governance Committee, and Regional Representatives advise the Executive Council on determining the direction and priorities of GMG, and the Executive Council is directly accountable to and held responsible by the members of GMG.

Governing Bodies

GMG has four different governing bodies that work in partnership to ensure that GMG is operating under high standards and that projects remain relevant and impactful.

The Executive Council administers the affairs of GMG and represents the members of GMG.
The Leadership Advisory Board is made up of representatives from Leadership Members who advise the Executive Council.
The Governance Committee holds GMG to high standards of practice in terms of governance policies.
The Working Group Coordination Committee ensures that projects move forward and remain relevant.

Voting Process & Procedures

As a membership-based organization, GMG Members vote on decisions relating to the governance and operations of the organization. During voting procedures, each GMG Member is entitled to vote, and each Member vote has equal weight. Members vote on:

Launching Working Groups
Publishing guidelines
Election of GMG Vice-Chair
Changes to the Charter
More information on voting processes and procedures can be found in the governance manual.

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