GMG maintains relationships with professional societies, associations, research and development organizations, academic institutions, standards bodies, government and private institutions, testbed facilities, and other organizations that share common interests with GMG Working Groups and Projects.

These relationships are in support of its mission to be an open, global platform for multistakeholder collaboration that advances the mining industry.

Partnerships allow for:

  • Industry alignment: By aligning GMG efforts with those of other organizations, GMG can complete work that connects with other initiatives and amplifies the total impact.
  • Reduction of duplication of efforts: Awareness of other groups’ projects means that GMG can promote other groups’ efforts while avoiding the redundancy that slows industry progress.
  • Topic specific expertise: For topics that require specific expertise, GMG partnerships enhance the technical validity of guidelines.
  • Community growth: By leveraging partner relationships, GMG ensures that its work is promoted to a broad geographic and technical base of stakeholders, and the quality of participation on projects remains high.

Types of Partnerships

GMG takes a strategic approach to the partnerships it establishes, ensuring each one is a benefit to both parties.

StandardsIncludes any standards related bodies.
GeographicIncludes mining organizations with a specific geographic presence, typically representing a national professional society or mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) association.
Topic Specific Includes organizations who are leading work in key industry areas with whom we have similar focuses.
Commercial Includes events and industry publications.

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