Artificial Intelligence Working Group announces new co-leader

GMG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group, launched last November, now has two leaders. The group announced last week that Mohammad Babaei, Digital Mining Innovation Lead in Digital Operations at Teck, has come onboard as a co-leader. He joins Mark O’Brien, Manager, Digital Transformation at CITIC Pacific Mining­, who has been leading the group so far.

The AI Working Group has already seen an incredible level of engagement. With this new team, Babaei in Canada and O’Brien in Australia, the group has leadership in both hemispheres. Early on, O’Brien says, the group knew that they needed good global representation to reflect both how globally relevant AI is and how rapidly the field is changing. “Part of that meant trying to build good coverage with our leadership to make sure we could keep up and share the load.”

About Mohammad Babaei

Babaei has experience and knowledge that will enable him to be a strong leader in the group. He has worked in a variety of contexts including open pit mines, consultancies and universities. In his current role at Teck, he guides and supports digital innovations that improve safety, sustainability and productivity. For example, he led projects applying machine learning in mining and maintenance and developing a unique real-time diggability solution.

When asked about what he is looking forward to most in his new role, Babaei explains, “AI can bring revolution in many streams of mining like mineral exploration, haulage, planning and logistics, safety and maintenance,” he elaborates. To get there, however, it is essential to share stories and knowledge.

“I hope we will be able to promote better understanding of AI within the industry and open doors for collaboration between operators, subject matter experts, academia and other innovators.”

Collaboration breeds success

To O’Brien, this partnership and the working group’s collaborative approach reflects the broader importance of collaboration and openness. “When you take a close look at the most exciting things happening in the realm of AI over the past few years,” he explains, “one thing that becomes quickly apparent is the most impactful advances are coming out of collaboration.”

“Two leaders will, I hope, be far better than one.”


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