Asset Management For Electrification White Paper

Published: June 13,2024

About the project

While the exact scope of the project is yet to be determined, the aim of this project is to help the industry understand the topic of transitioning to electric fleets, and to help address the challenges associated with energy management, all from an asset management perspective.


The purpose of this project is to publish a collaborative white paper to explain the common considerations, key topics, and approaches around asset management for electrification.

The white paper will also consider looking at required equipment and technologies in the mine to reduce energy consumption and help mitigate scope 3 challenges.


Several workshops were held in 2022 revolving around the topic of Asset Management for Electrification.

Some common considerations that emerged from these workshops include:

Mine Design: A fully electric mine requires significant change in the electric infrastructure, and there’s currently no clear path of migration from an existing mine to an electric mine.

Charging will play a large role in the design of electric mines. One question around this: what would be the consequences during the transition from diesel to electric?
Energy and Equipment Management: Do we have the infrastructure to support the energy requirements? The lifecycle of this new equipment/technology (i.e., batteries) should be investigated more.

Goal of zero-emission transition of the energy on site. What is the source of this energy? What different types of energy are available? How is energy stored on site? What distribution requirements are needed? What is the energy recycling/regeneration capabilities?
Change Management: The tools for planning and managing the transition (infrastructure investment, power generation, risk, operations, mine planning).

Workforce: Workforce for full supply chain to manage new battery electric equipment.

How can the industry start to upskill? More clear information is needed on what qualifications are required for working with these new technologies.

Potential Scope

Topics this white paper could cover include:

  • What assets to consider
  • Supply chain
  • Storage
  • Maturity differences
  • Terminology alignment
  • Lifestyle and environmental impacts
  • Data exchange
  • Battery management
  • Safety
  • Training and ensuring everyone has proper PPE
  • Budgeting and planning

Project Status

This project is in the definitions phase. Currently, more work needs to be done to define the scope.

Project Status

We’re looking for:
  • Participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • Members to join the steering committee to lead the project
Are you one of the people this project needs?

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