Asset Management for Electrification Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding an Asset Management for Electrification workshop. This workshop is to help define and develop an educational document to inform approaches to asset management when transitioning to electric fleets. Learn more about the project here. 

During this 2-hour workshop, each participant will share key focuses and challenges their operations face, and contribute to group discussion.  

Purpose of the Workshop

To help develop and publish a collaborative white paper that can help the industry understand common considerations around asset management for electrification. 

Discussion topics include: 

  • Equipment lifecycle management from an asset perspective and all components of the mine 
  • Operating procedures and required infrastructure for transitioning to a battery electric fleet 
  • Charging stations and how batteries are managed, stored, and disposed 
  • Skills and training needed for new technologies, safety/fire hazards, standards and regulations 
  • What are the expectations of mining to allow maintenance people to work safely and easily with electric equipment? 
  • Maintenance and asset management go hand in hand with energy efficiency 
  • Knowing and understanding maintenance strategies from a safety and performance perspective

About the White Paper

This project is a collaborative initiative to create a white paper that can help with asset management when transitioning to electric fleets and to help address the challenges associated with energy management. 

The white paper will also consider looking at required equipment and technologies in the mine to reduce energy consumption and help mitigate Scope 3 challenges. 

The white paper will be published during Q1 2024.


Virtual Event


June 14, 2023

6-8 AM PDT



4-6 PM AST