Asset Management for Electrification Workshop

Published: January 24,2024

The shift towards electrification in asset management practices represents a pivotal moment for the mining industry, offering environmental, operational, and financial advantages. However, the nature of this transition demands comprehensive guidance which covers technological, financial, operational, and safety aspects. Optimal guidance will empower mining companies to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and effectively embrace electrification, ensuring a sustainable and efficient future for the mining sector.

Let’s face it, asset management is a challenge for nearly every mining company out there, and it is only growing more complex with industry’s drive towards electrification and the new technologies and processes that will be introduced. This is why the GMG Asset Management Working Group has prioritized Asset Management for Electrification as a project to support the upcoming fleet transitions.

This project will address requirements from an asset management perspective to support the electrification of mines, maintain the safety of personnel and prepare for the major impending industry transition.

Some of the key topics to be considered include:

  • Equipment lifecycle management from an asset perspective and all components of the mine.
  • Operating procedures and the infrastructure when transitioning to a battery electric fleet.
  • Charging stations and how batteries are managed/stored/disposed.
  • Skills and training for new technologies, safety/fire hazards, standards, and regulations.
  • Maintenance and asset management go hand in hand with energy efficiency.
  • Understanding maintenance strategies from a safety and performance perspective.

Get involved! Don’t be fooled, the above points noted are far from all that needs to be considered; that is why we are looking for your input, as an industry, to work together.

April 10, 2024

8-10 AM PDT | 9 – 11 PM MDT | 11 AM-1 PM EDT & CLT | 4-6 PM BST | 5-7 PM CEST


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