Asset Management in the Digitalized Mine


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In discussions earlier this year with mining companies around their priorities for asset management, common needs emerged:

  • Process standardization and variation and the cross-functional approach
  • Data management, systems and accountability
  • Workforce, skills and training
  • Costs, performance and productivity
  • Decarbonization

The move towards a more integrated approach to asset management and increasing complexity in the technological landscape makes data management a high priority. Good data management is a key enabler for technology advancement. Based on mining company input, areas to focus on include:

  • Integration and work management systems: It can be challenging to get a solid framework of what is needed and how diverse systems will integrate into planning. Inconsistency and poor functionality is a particular challenge with work management systems. A centralized approach can resolve some issues, but sites have different capacities.
  • Responsibility and accountability: In practice, even the very basics of data capture are not often applied onsite. There needs to be more accountability on the front lines to understand the value of data and inputting it correctly, and responsibility for supervisors to enforce and enable it to be done.
  • Data and information management: Data management (e.g., quality, custody) and diligence around updating data is an area to improve. Good, basic data makes it easier to justify asset management strategies because you can provide examples of how a solution saved the company time and money.
  • Adopting advanced technologies: Digital mine optimization, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and autonomous systems all can improve performance and productivity, but they require a high-level of technical maturity to be valuable and also bring with them a new set of maintenance challenges (e.g., maintenance of additional sensors and control systems).

In this workshop we are working together to determine priority issues for the industry that collaboration work will help address.


September 21, 2022 | 8-10 am PDT / 11 am-1 pm EDT / noon-2 pm CLST / 5-7 pm CEST

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