Autonomous Mining: What’s Next?

On March 25th, GMG hosted an Autonomous Mining online interactive event to discuss the emerging topics and tackle the major challenges that arise during its implementation. Autonomous Mining is becoming an important pillar in the business strategy for all mining companies, as it will ensure a more productive, digitalized and safer operation. Part of the discussion usually revolves around how to tackle resistance to change among employees and get the buy-in from all stakeholders. Also, understanding that mining companies need to make an important effort to attract and re-train talent (especially when it comes to technology-oriented roles), and how critical it is to engage with universities to ensure students come with a new set of skills.

For an effective implementation of autonomous systems, it was identified that the mine design might need to be revised to accommodate new technology and needed equipment to support autonomous systems. Simultaneously, operations will need to set up a suitable testing environment for the equipment to understand the process change and build a new workforce safety protocol. From a technology standpoint, mining companies will need to invest in cybersecurity to ensure their equipment is secured and define how new technology will interconnect with legacy technology. At the beginning, mine operations might experience connectivity and infrastructure silos that need to be addressed, but data will be tracked in a more efficient manner to make strategic and informed decisions.
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Additionally, participants provided great insight of what should be included in the next version of the Implementation of Autonomous Systems. Join the upcoming virtual workshops of the second version on May 5, May 26 and June 16.

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