Autonomous Mining Working Group launches new projects

The GMG Autonomous Mining Working Group has launched new projects: Small Vehicles Automation White Paper projectImplementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining (version 2), and the System Safety for Autonomous Mining Guidelines project. We are putting out a call for:

  • Nominations to the projects’ steering committees – open to GMG members who have expertise in this area or that are actively working in it
  • Informed participants to join either or both projects

Small Vehicle Automation White Paper

The objective of this project is to publish a collaborative white paper that can help the industry move forward in the space of small autonomous vehicles by providing common considerations and increasing awareness of challenges and opportunities that are specific to small vehicle automation.

Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining Guideline (version 2)

This is a revision of the Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining, which was first published in 2019. It is intended to help mining companies and those working with them at various stages on the implementation journey to understand their maturity level, define their path forward, identify where to seek additional guidance and information, and build confidence in the technologies.

The revision will include updates, improvements, and new content based on how technologies have changed and have been applied. Read more here.

System Safety for Autonomous Mining

In 2021 System Safety for Autonomous Mining White Paper, gave an introductory overview of some system safety concepts to consider when introducing autonomous systems in mining. Now that the industry is becoming more advanced in this space, this new guideline project aims to provide more complete guidance on applying system safety to autonomous systems in mining. Read more here.

Interested? Contact us!

The Project Steering Committee is tasked with overseeing the project plan, to ensure that outputs are high quality and relevant, monitors the project timeline and delivery, and drives the general governance of the project. If you are nominating yourself or someone else to a project steering committee, more details on requirements and the role can be found here.

Participants contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts through any of the following:  attending project meetings and workshops; conducting case studies, providing project successes and challenges regarding the project; participating in ongoing peer review; contributing to the development and delivery of content throughout the project. If you want to participate in building either project, contact us at