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Universal Field Robots Factory Tour

Date: Monday, August 28 | 3 pm – 4:30 pm*

Capacity: 5-20 people

Details: Discover the future of manufacturing at the Universal Field Robots Office during our captivating factory tour. Join us to witness the seamless integration of technology and innovation as we showcase our diverse range of robotic products and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Gain insights into our cutting-edge production processes, and explore our vision for robotics and automation.

Limited spots are available, so reserve your place now for an exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the developments shaping the future of mining. 

PPE: Closed-toe shoes must be worn

*Tours are typically between 1-1.5 hrs but participants are welcome to stay and chat. Refreshments at the end will be provided for guests who’d like to stay longer.

Space, ISRU and Robotics at CSIRO’s QCAT Facility

Date: Thursday, August 31 | 9:45 am – noon

Capacity: 20 people

Details: The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology (QCAT) houses CSIRO’s Mining Automation and Field Robotics groups. The tour of the facility will comprise a demonstration of CSIRO’s multi-agent robotics systems, In-Situ Resource Utilisation space research facility, the Robotics Innovation Centre, and other world-class industrial research facilities.

PPE: Closed-toe shoes will be required for walking between the facilities outside


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