Building a white paper on Rethinking Mine Design Underground

Published: November 23,2023

GMG’s Rethinking Mine Design project aims to challenge traditional mine design philosophy and evolve it to take full advantage of new technologies. Its purpose is to assist the industry in exploring and understanding what factors to consider in order to take a new approach to mine design. 

During this workshop, participants will begin to build content for a white paper to map out everything that influences mine design towards building a roadmap of what needs to be done to enable companies to change their approach. Considerations: 

  • Identify and Define Who Impacts Mine Design: The first step is to identify and define the related roles that influence mine design and the type of guidance that would be required for them.  
  • Framework for What Impacts Mine Designers: Mapping out and defining a framework that captures the various factors that impact a mine designer’s ability to innovate can help explain what needs to change.  
  • Risk Reduction Strategy: Developing a risk reduction strategy is an important part in getting companies to try new ideas. A de-risking roadmap can identify the potential risks to operations and provide information for mitigating them.  
  • Define the Toolsets to Enable Change: It is important to then identify the toolsets that can make these changes possible.  


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