Why Share Case Studies? 

Case studies are the most requested form of knowledge sharing in the industry. Sharing case studies with the GMG community can:

  • Give others the opportunity to learn from your organization’s experience and expertise.
  • Help the industry learn from real life examples and scenarios.
  • Promote education and help build confidence in new technologies or approaches.
  • Help organizations mitigate risks and optimize their operations.

How GMG Makes it Easy to Share

GMG makes sharing case studies easy by working directly with members who submit their idea. The contents, format, and length will vary based on the topic and the context, but the GMG team will provide support all along the way in developing the document.

The following questions are intended to provide some key considerations when developing a case study:

  • What was the problem or situation (what, when, why, where)?
  • What was done to address it? What process did you follow?
  • What were the key challenges and how were they addressed?
  • What was the outcome? What was the impact on your team? What was the impact on your organization?
  • What were the key findings, lessons learned, or insights gained from the experience?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Would you do anything differently next time? What would you do the same?

Submit a Case Study

If you’d like to submit a case study or have any questions, please fill in the contact form below.

    New Case Study Publications 

    Fabricating Change Through Additive Manufacturing

    Secure Deployment of Autonomous Haulage Systems

    Bridging Gaps Between Critical Systems in Mining

    The Application of Magnetically Attached Vibration Technology to Reduce Idle Time

    Fosterville Gold Mine Improves Gold Recovery with Advanced Technologies

    Published GMG case studies are available to read here.

    For more information on GMG case studies, read the Case Study Development Guidance for Volunteers.