Asset Management Working Group

The GMG Asset Management Working Group is an inclusive and global operator-driven community of interest whose primary purpose is to identify and share leading practices in asset management, reliability, and maintenance. The group is dedicated to developing asset management guidelines that result in improved safety, ESG, and operating performance for the benefit of the mining industry.

Active Projects

Our objectives

Identify and share leading asset management practices and knowledge and advance their application in mining contexts.

Identify relevant asset management metrics and KPIs and develop common definitions and a taxonomy for reliability in mining contexts.

Drive the application of emerging and innovative technology for the achievement of asset management objectives.

Support and enable the success of other GMG initiatives that rely on effective asset performance.

Collaborate and coordinate with existing asset management groups to leverage existing standards for the benefit of the mining community.

Define success criteria and document practices for superior maintenance and reliability performance.

Enable benchmarking for maintenance and reliability performance within mining.

Create a collaborative network for maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals to exchange knowledge related to mining.

Leverage the strength of the reliability and asset management community and GMG members to drive innovation that raises the bar on asset performance

Develop asset management guidelines that result in improved safety and operational performance for mining.

Why does asset management matter?

The mining industry is highly dependent on the state of its assets. As more and more resources are extracted from mines to meet rising demands, managing assets – including equipment, technology and the workforce – has become a key factor in increasing productivity. Asset management incorporates all maintenance and reliability activities and strategies as well as all lifecycle management and financial aspects of the asset as they relate to the overall organizational business strategy.

Effective asset management can result in:

Improved asset safety
Improved capital productivity
Improved decision making
Optimized lifecycle costs
More effective risk management
Higher levels of predictability
Reduced energy usage

Asset Management updates

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