Autonomous Mining Working Group

The Autonomous Mining Working Group is focused on assisting the industry with its ongoing digital transformation and helping operations achieve the benefits that autonomous systems can offer. The group is built by subject-matter experts, leaders from inside and outside the industry, suppliers, operators, and those interested in implementing autonomous systems in mining.

Active projects

Our objectives

Improve safety and productivity in mining operations by identifying and offering guidance on key challenges and documenting good practices for autonomous mining.

Enable a global network of multidisciplinary subject-matter experts, leaders from inside and outside the industry, suppliers, operators, and other stakeholders in fields related to autonomous mining to share lessons learned and best practices and drive valuable conversations.

Set a common vision for autonomous systems in mining among diverse stakeholders and facilitate innovation and digital transformation in mining.

Why Autonomous mining matters

The mining industry is increasingly embracing automation as a safety and productivity enabler and as a critical factor in creating a sustainable future of mining. For these reasons, automation is a key part of many mining companies’ digital transformation roadmaps alongside advances in artificial intelligence, system integration, remote operations, and the Internet of Things.

While autonomous mining is innovating the mining industry, it also introduces new challenges, such as:

  • New security and safety risks can be introduced by the reliance that these systems have on technology to manage safety-critical functions
  • Changes to the size and shape of the workforce, which can also have a social impact beyond the operation
  • Adaptations to mine design and planning
  • Potential changes to regulatory requirements
  • Accommodating the rapid transformation of technology by building the system infrastructure, mine design and operational processes so that the operation can continuously adapt

Autonomous mining updates

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