Data & Interoperabiliy working group

This group aims to address challenges that the industry faces related to data management, interoperability, and integration through work that supports and enables common language, data quality, data exchange, data sharing, and data access.

Industry need

As new technologies and systems are adopted in the mining industry, they produce a wider range of data, which is being used for critical decision-making, reducing costs, optimizing processes, forecasting, trend analysis and more. However, the industry is also facing many challenges with integration, interoperability, and the overall management of data.

Key topics:

  • Understanding distributed responsibilities (operator, vendor, third party, etc). 
  • Cross-functional IoT data integration 
  • Autonomous systems and sensor integration 
  • Access to and usage of equipment telemetry data/mobile equipment open data 
  • Good data quality practices (e.g., processing, storage, cleaning) 
  • Enabling and applying data-driven decision-making  
  • Establishing a foundation for applying advanced systems 
  • Knowledge and education on data fundamentals  
  • Human factors (e.g. distractions re. integration challenges) 
  • Navigating legal requirements (e.g., ownership, licensing)  

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