Underground Mining Working Group

Underground mines are going deeper to meet increased demands and are innovating to improve communication, safety, and productivity. This working group is an opportunity for the underground mining community to address the challenges and opportunities and drive ongoing innovation underground by sharing best practices, facilitating innovation, and driving the global conversation.

Why does collaboration on underground mining matter?

Underground mining has seen incredible advancements in recent years, which have allowed for deeper mines, better communication networks, and safety and productivity improvements. These advancements are in response to the growing needs and expectations of the world’s population and an increased economic pressure to produce. To address these demands, underground mining operations are redefining their current ways of working by adopting advanced solutions and improving processes to enable improved efficiency, cost reduction, and safety.

Underground mining faces unique challenges around:

  • Communications and network infrastructure
  • Operational efficiency and process improvement
  • Asset visibility and management
  • Health and safety
  • Digitalization and adapting to new technologies

About the working group


This working group aims to identify and address common underground mining sector challenges and opportunities while considering the adaptability of the mine infrastructure and new and legacy technologies. The group is a community of operators, suppliers, subject-matter experts, leaders from inside and outside the industry, and others with experience and interests related to underground mining.

Active Projects

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Our objectives

The AI working group aims to facilitate a greater understanding of AI

Facilitate innovation and industry advancement by identifying and developing guidance on key topics and challenges related to underground mining

Promote global collaboration among underground mining stakeholders to share lessons learned and case studies and engage in valuable conversations

2023 Focuses

Undergroud mining updates

So, how can the industry respond to these challenges and stay on top of future innovations?

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