Bitrix: Our New Collaboration Platform

GMG’s has launched a new platform to facilitate better collaboration, networking, and communication with and amongst volunteers. Our new platform, Bitrix, allows for direct messaging and video calls between volunteers, live-editing of documents for projects and working groups, and will more opportunities for the whole community to gather, share ideas, and collaborate.

We are currently in the process of getting feedback from volunteers on the design and use of the platform, and will slowing inviting all volunteers onboard beginning in early 2022.

Below are some resources we have developed to help you get started and make the most of your Bitrix experience.

A 1-page guide to help you create your account:

Getting Started in Bitrix

A 1-page overview of the main features in Bitrix:

Overview of Main Bitrix Features

A comprehensive user guide that explains everything you might want to know about how the site works, what the features are, and how to use them (all content in the videos can be found in here, as well):

Bitrix User Guide

Log-in and Account Settings

A tutorial on how to log into your account and adjust your settings and notifications.

An Overview of the Main Site Features

A tutorial on the different site features and the menu bar.

Bitrix Workgroup Features and Settings

A tutorial that walks you through the features and settings of a workgroup.

Tips on How to Make the Most out of Using Bitrix

A quick video to help you maximize your Bitrix experience.