Common Definitions for Mining Technology Workshop

Rapid growth in the availability and adoption of data-driven and highly integrated technologies in mining introduces challenges with integrating data from multiple sources and sensors. It is expected that this kind of growth will continue at a fast pace and that the challenges will only become more and more complex. Many external factors exacerbate these challenges, such as diversity in maturity and technology applied across mine sites, varied requirements for handling different materials, and mergers and acquisitions.

Many discussions on addressing these challenges—both within and outside GMG—are hindered by not having a common language or conceptualization, which can lead to misinterpretation and lack of clarity on the real needs. GMG’s open, global, multi-stakeholder, and collaborative model and global community provide a unique forum and opportunity to address this collaboratively.

During this 3-hour workshop participants will work together to determine a common taxonomy and definitions for mining production capabilities and application and control systems that support the production capabilities, primarily focusing on surface mining. This categorization is intended to be a first step to establish a common understanding, which can be used to support and drive further conversations within GMG in a targeted way, identifying common system integration areas and issues, where further collaborative efforts are needed, and identifying what issues are industry-wide versus what should be left up to the individual operator and OEM relationships. It can also serve as a seed document to standards development. Having this common language and reference that will help operators, suppliers, and other parties communicate about their needs within determined boundaries.


Thiess Centre, Southbank
179 Grey Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101


November 8, 2022 | 1:00pm – 4:30pm AEST

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Thank you to Thiess for hosting this workshop