Critical COVID-19 Security Advisory

Mining & Mineral organizations across the globe are assessing and quickly mobilizing to respond to emerging COVID-19 challenges and impacts. Here are the key topics to address, according to Accenture Security:

The pandemic has created social engineering opportunities, including phishing campaigns; phishing awareness is key, as cyber espionage and cyber criminal groups will take advantage of this condition while it remains active.

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs), travel restrictions and remote work policies challenge enterprise monitoring, especially for companies that have not previously exercised BCPs. Companies should advise work-from-home employees on home router and Internet of Things (IoT) protection and VPN best practices

Information security operations in the mid to long term, pressuring information security operations to maintain or increase coverage under tighter budgetary constraints.
Companies will need advice on how to stratify, prioritize and outsource information security operations, and manage infrastructure and operational maintenance and growth.

Plan to execute months-long BCPs, including information security monitoring and response, while operating under quarantine conditions.

Credit: Sherry T. Jacobs – Senior Manager at Accenture Security – Resource (Energy)