Cybersecurity White Paper Development Sub-Committee

Published: January 11,2024

For the mining industry to remain resilient to cybersecurity threats, especially with a dramatic increase in remote work, four white papers, which will act as educational resources have been identified by the Cybersecurity Working Group as a key need for the industry and will aim to cover a variety of related topics. 

The sub-committee aims to provide education on several timely and important topics related to cybersecurity in mining. The top priority topics identified in 2021 were:

  1. Cybersecurity and Remote Work – Cybersecurity risks associated with working remotely.
  2. IT/OT Convergence – General information on cyber ownership of IT and OT operations under one team to enable centralized management, cost efficiency, holistic monitoring and detection.
  3. Data Protection – A basic framework for protecting important data and covers threats, vulnerabilities, protection plans, and data classification.
  4. Selecting a Cloud Partner – When to bring on premises, appropriate security pieces from vendors, forming industry standards.

These white papers need volunteers from experts throughout the broader mining industry who can help map out the contents of these projects going forward. If you have expertise in any of these areas and want to be a part of one or many of these projects, contact us here to get involved.

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