Decarbonization Priorities: Workshop

Purpose of the Workshop

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding virtual workshops to discuss key priorities on decarbonization and further define a collaboration strategy for them.

Why Participate

These workshops are an opportunity to get together with your counterparts and other stakeholders from around the globe to look at decarbonization at the implementation level. 

As the informed voices of the mining and metals industry, we need your input to provide direction to the GMG Working Groups to make sure our project plans reflect your needs. Please spread the word about these events around your company.

What to Expect

GMG prioritization workshops aim to break down an overall topic into manageable pieces and identify what can be done about them through GMG’s collaborative model. Participants should come prepared to discuss:

  • How can we make immediate changes in mines?
  • What are the key problems and needs from an operational perspective?
  • What specifics do we need to look at to move forward?

Those who register will receive materials about previous discussions on the topic to help prepare for the workshop.

Alternative Times

We are offering two workshops to accommodate the varying time zones around the globe. As such, a person will only need to register for one of the two decarbonization workshops.

August 31, 2022 | 8-10 am PDT / 11 am-1 pm EDT / noon-2 pm CLST / 5-7 pm CEST

September 28, 2022 | 6-8 am EDT / noon-2 pm CEST / 1-3 pm AST / 6-8 pm AWST / 8-10 pm AEST