Defining Requirements for Implementing Autonomous Systems Underground: 1/2-day Workshop in Perth, Australia


Purpose of the Workshop

This workshop officially relaunches work on Version 2 of GMG’s Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining guideline, to update the content to address the needs and priorities of the underground mining community, as the original publication had a surface focus.

Mining companies strongly expressed the need for GMG to enable collaboration and produce guidance on autonomous and tele-remote mining for underground mining in this second version.

These workshops are working sessions for people in the underground mining community with the knowledge and expertise to assess the content of this guideline. The purpose of the workshops is to review the content and:  

• Identify information that should be included and what does not apply to underground mining 

• Establish next steps in the review

About Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining

This guideline provides stakeholders with the tools necessary to move forward with the implementation of autonomous systems in mining and advance those projects. It should be used as a first step to assist companies implementing autonomous mining projects regardless of the size and scope of the project (single autonomous vehicles to highly autonomous). It also provides a high-level framework for mining stakeholders to follow when establishing autonomous mining projects ranging from single autonomous vehicles and hybrid fleets to highly autonomous fleets. It offers guidance on how stakeholders should approach autonomous mining and describes common practices. More specifically, it addresses:

  • Change management
  • Developing a business case
  • Health and safety and risk management
  • Regulatory engagement
  • Community and social impact
  • Operational readiness and deployment.

The intention for version 2 is to include updates, improvements, and new content based on how technologies have changed and have been applied.

Access Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining here.

Why Participate

In participating in this workshop, you are supporting the process of making a guideline that has been widely used as an educational tool and playbook for those implementing autonomous systems more useful for and applicable to underground operations.

As the informed voices of the mining and metals industry, we need your input to provide direction to the GMG Working Groups to make sure our project plans reflect your needs. Please spread the word about these events around your company. You are invited to register for one or both.

What to Expect

Guideline development workshops are working sessions that dig into the details of the guideline’s content and help to create new material, improve upon, and/or review content in GMG guidelines. This workshop is primarily focused on reviewing through the specific lens of underground mining, and you can expect to run through specific sections of the guideline and discuss their relevance to underground mining. Participants who register will be sent pre-reading materials and a comment form to help prepare for the workshop.


Date: August 16, 2022 | 1:30 – 4:30 pm AWST


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