Published: June 13,2024


Purpose: Develop common key performance indicators (KPIs) to help enable mine operators to identify equipment performance and benchmark against other mine operations with the goal of improved electric equipment performance. 

Objective: Effective KPIs provide insights into existing operational performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Establishing a common baseline while identifying and classifying events and delays provides indicators that can be used to gauge the efficiency of operational processes to make performance improvements.

This project is led byThe Electric Mine Working Group. 

In support of the Operational Knowledge Sharing Platform Project, a set of KPIs specific to mobile electric equipment were developed. The Electric Mine Working Group steering committee decided to include the KPIs in a guideline so it would be available for broader use throughout the industry.

These KPIs will not only enable the advancement of this platform, but they will additionally provide the industry with a common language when measuring performance of electric equipment in a variety of contexts.

  • Planning: Helps to build a reliable business case for adopting electric equipment.
  • Operations: Consistent and standard KPIs enable meaningful performance analysis and industry-wide comparison and benchmarking.
  • Innovation: Highlight areas for improvement that drive industry-wide solutions.

The categories of KPIs include: operating environment, equipment, equipment status, performance metrics, atmosphere, operator feedback, safety, battery performance, maintenance, infrastructure, cost, and sustainability.


– Safety and ESG metrics: Holistic health and hygiene – CO2, noise, etc.
– Ventilation, diesel, etc.

Sustainability and GHG

– Levelized cost of carbon conserved (LCCC): it brings together multiple KPIs, from equipment efficiency, total cost of ownership and the emissions abatement related to the introducing of electric mobile equipment.
– Can help justify investment; however, measurement is important in the end to totalize the GHG.
– Regarding ESG, battery powered equipment (BEV) an important KPI is battery life.

Power Source– To help mining companies to get access to incentive and push the implementation of BEV, it is imperative to properly measure the GHG emissions savings based on the power source.
– Using BEV underground generates savings on diesel, ventilation, and ventilation heating/refrigeration.
– Measure GHG savings and report the impact of implementing BEV underground.


Over 100 KPIs have been identified and agreed upon by the Electric Mine Working Group Steering Committee, which makes up the main section of the guideline. The next step is broad industry review and validation, especially from mining companies, to confirm that the KPIs are useful.

If you are interested in participating in this review or would like more information, contact us here.

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