Electric Mobile Equipment KPIs and Definitions Workshop

About the project:

Development of common key performance indicators (KPIs) will help enable mine operators to identify equipment performance and benchmark against other mine operations with the goal of improved electric equipment performance.

Effective KPIs provide insights into existing operational performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Establishing common definitions and metrics will help industry to gauge the efficiency of operational processes, equipment, and to make performance improvements. These KPIs will provide the industry with a common language when measuring performance of electric equipment in a variety of contexts.

About the workshop:

To help create this guideline, we’re holding a virtual workshop on July 5, and we hope you’ll join us to let us know what you feel should be included.

The purpose of this workshop is to define potential use cases and determine what we want to achieve with metrics – i.e.: what information do we want and for what purpose? Examples could include:

  • I want to benchmark against other companies.
  • I want to use it for energy life management.
  • I want to improve equipment performance.
  • Other?


Virtual Meeting


July 5, 2023

8-10 AM PDT

11 AM – 1 PM EDT/CLT


6-8 PM AST