2020 GMG Leadership Summit Series | Strategizing For Success

In a global crisis, innovation and strategizing are more important than ever. In the annual GMG Leadership Summit, mining executives, leaders and visionaries will have the opportunity to learn from each other, and share how each has responded to this pandemic, both personally and professionally. In unprecedented times, it is more important than ever we work together, and make it through to the other side stronger, and more prepared. Join us for our fourth session in the series on Strategizing For Success.

JUNE 29 | June 30
8pm (EDT) | 2am (CEST) | 8am (AWST)

Considering the discussions and outcomes of the previous 3 virtual sessions, the final edition of the GMG Leadership Summit will bring it all together, identify collaboration opportunities and focus on setting strategies to ensure our companies and the greater mining industry are sustainable, healthy, safe and enabled.

The Summit Series is exclusive to GMG Leadership and Collaborator-level members. If you’re interested in attending this event, please contact GMG

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