Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining Guideline V2 – Change Management and Business Case Workshop 2

March 18 2021 7-9:30 pm EDT | 4-6:30 pm PDT | 7-9:30 am AWST+ 

About the project: 

The first version of the Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining is being used within the industry as a playbook for effective autonomous systems implementation, as a way to understand customer needs, and as an educational, communications, and operational tool. Version 2 will offer updated guidance and considerations on justifying, planning, developing, testing, implementing, and executing autonomous systems. 

About the workshop: 

Workshop participants will review, revise, and add content to two sections: Change Management and Business Case, which focus on how to approach change management and how to produce accurate and complete business cases within the mining milieu 

The change management section currently includes content on change management planning, critical success factors, and a progression throughout different stages of operational maturity. 

The business case section covers overall considerations, value drivers, implementation and full lifecycle costs, strategic fit, communication, and business risks and potential problems. The content on full lifecycle costs is new to version 2 and workshop participants will work on drafting that content. 

Review and revise: 

  • 3.1 Change Management Plan 
  • 3.2 Critical Success Factors 
  • 3.3 Change Management Progression 
  • 4.1 Safety and Risk Considerations for the Business Case 
  • 4.2 Overall Considerations for the Business Case 
  • 4.3 Value Drivers 
  • 4.6 Strategic Fit

Add content: 

  • 4.4 Implementation Costs 
  • 4.5 Understanding the Full Lifecycle Costs 
  • 4.7 Communication with Stakeholders 
  • 4.8 Business Risks and Potential Problems 
  • 4.9 Other Considerations 

This workshop will be held virtually on two separate dates to accommodate different time zonesClick here to view the other date and time option.