Digitalization: the tools for unlocking tomorrow – Online Interactive Event | April 28, 2020

During this interactive event, take advantage of the live presentations given by IBM on the path to sustainable operational stability and Dassault Systèmes on a case study of how a mine operator in Africa applied technology.

The workshop portion of this event will focus on the collaboration needed now so that we can harness the benefits of the change that is taking place in our industry once the pandemic lifts.

Live presentations

COVID-19 – Finding a safe path to sustainable Operational Stability… and beyond


  • Anders Fredholm, Vice President – Global Business Development Leader, Industrial Products and Chemicals & Petroleum Industries, IBM
  • David Dickson, Partner, Chemicals, Petroleum & Industry Products Industries: Global Leader Industry Transformation & Global Mining Industry Leader, IBM
  • David Haake, Business Development Director, IBM Security Solutions

As a direct result of COVID-19 and resulting government health and safety restrictions in operating business, demand dynamics in manufacturing and construction coupled with proximity challenges in mining operations are impacting the mining industry’s ability to maintain operation stability. In this presentation four action areas will be proposed where mining’s leaders and operations need to remain focused and vigilant, and how the industry is responding in these areas:

  • Workforce Stability: The consequence of illness and distress about health, financial wellbeing, and other disruptions are affecting many employees and of course typical operational rosters and resourcing.
  • Supply, Finance and Operations: All companies are facing shifts in product demand and supply chain interruptions, and unprecedented volatility in cash and P&L positions and operational churn.
  • Customers and Partners: Customers and partners are focused on securing the essentials and are seeking reassurance about organisational policies, and sustaining service agreements
  • Stakeholder Community: Need to communicate and reassure investors, ecosystem partners, and local businesses and communities and understand and manage the impact of mining’s key stakeholders

The presentation will then outline how IBM as a digital services, software and system provider is helping. Firstly, to respond to necessary triage occurring to maintain safe and stable operations in mining, then in creating digital programs of recovery, and thus in time enabling a refocus on growth and reinvention.

Digitalization of Mining  – an African case study by David Osborn, Managing Director for Dassault Systemès South Africa

With the Forth Industrial Revolution upon us, mining companies are looking to other adjacent industries to see how they can apply technology to their own processes.  Many mining companies have stated goals of digitally transforming their mining business. But how do they actually do this? We take a digital transformation journey of an African mining company to see how they have applied technology and where they see the real benefits for their operations.


What do we need to do today, collaboratively from our home offices, to harness the benefits of the change that is taking place, once the pandemic lifts?

How do we harness technology to really position the industry to be able to act once it’s all over and ensure a strong future?

Participants will brainstorm to start mapping this out.

Speaker bios

Anders Fredholm
Vice President – Global Business Development Leader, Industrial Products and Chemicals & Petroleum Industries, IBM

Anders has 30 years experience from leadership of enterprises, business development, business transformation and industry innovation. In his current role as Vice President, heading up the Business Development for IBMs Global Industrial Products Industry, Anders leads the development of business and relations for IBMs world wide client base in Manufacturing and Automation, Metals, Mining, Engineering, Construction and Forest & Paper Industries.

Anders has in the past experiences from industrial, utilities, distribution and public sectors working for IBM, Kefri AB and Capgemini.

David Dickson
Partner, Chemicals, Petroleum; Industry Products Industries: Global Leader Industry Transformation; Global Mining Industry Leader, IBM and a member of IBM’s Industry Academy

David has executed global leadership roles across industry in his 27 years’ experience, most notably in Mining & Metals, and Oil & Gas, for operators, consultants, digital providers, EPCs, R&D and academia.

David maintains eminence in industry being an author of many IBM and industry research studies & projects, and regularly represents IBM in industry organisations and conferences.

David Osborn
Managing Director for Dassault Systemès South Africa

David is responsible for deployment of the Dassault’s technology across the Middle East and Africa. With over 20 years’ experience in the mining technology industry, he has worked with many mining companies across multiple commodities in understanding and deploying their digital technology requirements. David began his career at Digital Mining Services in a mining consultant role, before joining Dassault Systemès in 2006 to work with mining companies across Africa, India and more recently the Middle East. His deep domain knowledge has allowed him to help mining companies understand and adopt new technologies from other industries, to start them on their digital transformation journey.