GMG Building a Better Future: Online Interactive Event | March 25, 2020

Making industry empowerment safe, informative and interactive!

GMG is bringing collaboration and innovation to you, wherever you are. Learn and interact in real-time with diverse mining stakeholders from our global community on March 25. 

We will explore next steps in autonomous mining with Accenture, SafeAI, and Mobilaris based on their experiences in areas including the transition to autonomous technologies, skills migration and overall business strategies for our rapidly changing world.

The events will be capped off by interactive sessions where participants will be broken off into small teams to work on:

March 25 – Autonomous Mining: What is Next? Building on the Implementation of Autonomous Systems Guideline published in 2019, with technology evolving so rapidly, we will work to define the priority areas to ensure swifter adoption of technologies. The outcomes will be used to build the plan for the two upcoming autonomous mining projects: Version 2 of the Implementation of Autonomous Systems guideline and Skills Migration Case Study.

Through all of our interactive events GMG will dig into the industry’s burning issues, seek solutions to solve common challenges and identify what we can do to build a sustainable future through virtual collaboration and information sharing. 

Program Speakers