October 1-2 | University of Alberta

Day 1


Opening remarks
Tim Joseph Principal Engineer, JPI Mine Equipment & Engineering, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Vice-President, Association of Professional Engineering & Geoscientists of Alberta and Ambassador, CIM


Making Safety Real: Taking Risk Management to the Next Level
Gord Winkel Chair and Industrial Professor – Safety and Risk Management, University of Alberta


Kearl’s Autonomous Haulage System Journey
Mansoor J. Hussain 
Project Manager – Autonomous Haul Systems, Imperial

The presentation will focus on Kearl’s journey in implementing autonomous trucks with a focus on safety, workforce engagement, operational challenges, and their vision of a fully autonomous mining operation.


Collaboration Advancements in the Canadian Surface Mining Industry
Malachy Carroll
General Manager – Research & Development, Syncrude

Collaboration in the Canadian Mining Industry is growing at a rapid pace. Industry consortiums, such as the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) and the Global Mining Group (GMG) are leading the way for enabling mining operators and technology providers to work together to deliver innovative solutions faster and at less cost than working in isolation. Success of collaboration initiatives requires commitment, participation and willingness to share in an environment that ensures balanced contribution among collaborators. An overview of the structures and processes used to achieve collaboration is presented, as well as recent successes.


Coffee break


Material Transport Technology Scan – CMIC Surface Mining Project Update
Trevor Kelly
President and CEO, TKM Consulting and Innovation Manager – Mining, CMIC

The presentation will focus on the evolution of the Materials Handling project and the industry lead, multi phased approach. This talk will focus on Phase one the materials handling technology scan, the scope, the high level results and the next phases of the larger project.


Surface Mining Equipment Owners Group (SMEOG)
Craig Coolen
 Manager Mine Mobile Maintenance, Syncrude and Chair of SMEOG and Andrea Bauer Director – Asset Management, KMC Mining and Co chair, SMEOG

The Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology (SMART) was adjourned on April 10th, 2018. Collaborative learning was a real opportunity, and the SMART Truck/Shovel Users Group was formed to share operating experience and develop best practices for safety, maintenance and operation of their fleets. The establishment of the SMART Large Tire Users Group gave industry the utility of amassing data from many operations towards identifying key design improvements that were necessary. In addition, when tires were in short supply, the industry shared practices for increasing operating life and best practices in tire maintenance. Craig and Andrea will provide an overview of the work of LTUG and the TSUG, with plans for the Future.


Collaboration Projects Driving Innovation
Heather Ednie Managing Director, GMG




Innovation at Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance
Matt McCulloch Director – Greenhouse Gas, COSIA and Dave Corriveau, Tailings Director, COSIA

Innovation flourishes at the intersection of great challenges meeting compelling solutions. Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands through collaborative action and innovation. COSIA’s membership accounts for over 90 per cent of the oil sands product in Canada. Canada’s oil sands producers are competitors and rivals. But they’re also partners in a made-in Canada collaboration model that is helping to redefine, globally, how companies can innovate together, and accelerate solution development to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.COSIA companies are working aggressively to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement in the oil sands. Canada’s oil sands industry is committed to reducing all aspects of its environmental footprint, reclaiming all lands affected by operations, and maintaining biodiversity. To create breakthrough science and technologies, COSIA brings together leading thinkers from industry, government, academia and the public. In addition, COSIA members themselves work together, each sharing considerable in-house expertise, innovation and intellectual property within the alliance, and dedicating substantial funds to COSIA’s many environmental performance projects. The unique characteristics of oil sands mining provide member companies with an opportunity to seek out innovative operations management and technology solutions for responsible and sustainable growth of this key global energy resource. This presentation will elaborate on each of the Environmental Priority Areas (EPA), with an emphasis on mineable oil sands innovation opportunities. It will provide the audience with a brief history, achievements, current technical challenges, and opportunities for collaboration to close remaining knowledge, technical and commercial gaps to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement.


Truck Bodies – Why we Have got it Wrong for the Past 65 Years
Tim Joseph Principal Engineer, JPI Mine Equipment & Engineering, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Vice-President, Association of Professional Engineering & Geoscientists of Alberta and Ambassador, CIM

This presentation outlines the impact of current design principles and truck body standards used by OEMs and after-market body designers; that has led to low front tire life due to overloading for every rear dump truck model since Letourneau’s 32 ton truck model in 1952, right up to and including the advent of the 450 ton truck. The body volume carrying capacity evaluation that will be presented, also provides a means of evaluating broken rock density and swell factor, which may be further extended to determine shovel dipper and excavator bucket fill factor, which in current practice are frequently assumed values in mine and operational planning. The key to the overall evaluation is having a better handle on the broken rock angle of repose. Further, volumetric capacity, broken rock angle of repose and loose density may then be utilized to better evaluate the load distribution within a truck body, critical in understanding the impact on tire loading and performance, which may be evaluated and compared to the tire manufacturer recommended tonne-kilometre-per-hour recommended limit.


Panel > Understanding the Regulatory Challenges
Ross Pritchard
Technical Director, Mining and Metallurgy, Teck Resources (Moderator), Blythe Golobic Inspector of Mines Health and Safety, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Muneer Naseer Director of Mines, Government of Alberta, Allan Boddy Consultant, Peck Tech, Gord Winkel Chair and Industrial Professor, Safety and Risk Management, University of Alberta




Breakout Session: Addressing the Evolving Skills and Workforce Requirements of the Digital Mine


Wrap Up
Heather Ednie
 Managing Director, GMG

Day 2


Welcome and update
Heather Ednie 
Managing Director, GMG


Predictive and Prescriptive Machine Monitoring
Clint Webster
Major Account Manager – Mining Alberta, Brandt and Barret Honeyset Customer Fleet Manager, Brandt

Prescriptive and Predictive machine monitoring and the future of the industry using telematics, data and algorithms to predict failures before they occur.


Discussion: Open Data Guideline


Coffee break


Panel > Achieving Mine Interoperability: What Does it Take?
Tim Skinner
President at SMART Systems Group (Moderator), Mike Brown EVP, Technology & Innovation, SMS Equipment, Eric Winsborrow Executive VP Corporate Strategy, Wenco International Mining – Hitachi Construction Machinery, Ron Jungkind Lead, Mine Technology Development at Canadian Natural Resources




Operational Benchmarking: Developing a Global System
Zoltan Lukacs Advisor, Asset Optimization and Operational Readiness and Leader, GMG Asset Management Working Group


Breakout Session: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape


Digitalization in Mining
Rafal Smerd Senior Manager, Deloitte


Coffee break


Shifting your Culture to Transform your Value Chain
Eamonn Treacy Partner, Global io

Drawing from our professional experience over the years working with a multitude of Mining and Oil & Gas companies, we’ve learned that many organizations struggle with transforming their views regarding the overall value chain. This discovery often appears due to the lack of adequate focus on the role that culture plays in achieving these pivotal shifts. This presentation will discuss the challenges and struggles that organizations currently face with their value chain but also identify the importance of culture and the significant impact it has on the value chain, as a whole.


International Standards Organization (ISO) Advancements of Mining Automation and Interoperability
Tim Skinner
President, SMART Systems Group

ISO TC82 Mining SC8 Subcommittee for Advanced Automated Mining Systems was formally established in early 2018. Since then the standards development work plan has been initiated and is exceeding expectations. This presentation will present an update on the status of current mining automation and interoperability standards development activity and the planned program of work.


Wrap Up
Heather Ednie
 Managing Director, GMG

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