GMG Partner Webinar: Data exchange – OPC UA a common language for mining | May 6

Webinar: Data exchange – OPC UA a common language for mining

Presenters: Fiona Mavroudis, Eickhoff Mining Technology (Chair WG OPC UA Mining), Tobias Hartmann, RWTH Aachen, Advanced Mining Technologies and Jörn Lehmann, VDMA Mining

Date: Wednesday, May 6

Time: 10:00 A.M. (EDT) | 4:00 P.M. (UTC+2)

Length: 1.5 hour


Digitalization in mining requires a common language for data exchange between mining machines and the higher-level systems. The webinar will walk through “Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture” (OPC UA), its key benefits and the approach to jointly develop an application-oriented Companion Specification Mining.


Europe’s largest mechanical engineering association VDMA and the OPC Foundation Working Group is developing an Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) information model for the communication among mining machinery, equipment and higher-level systems/devices in the respective processes. 

The model is aligned with IREDES standards and provides a universal manufacturer-independent interface based on OPC UA. The OPC UA Companion Specification Mining includes a basic description of the mining machinery and equipment. It will support horizontal and vertical machine communication ensuring automated control, analytics and diagnostics. Below is an example of a diagram showing how various machinery, equipment, operations and processes could be organized with OPC UA.



  • Fundamentals of Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA)
  • Examples of use cases of OPC UA in mining
  • Latest on development of an application-oriented “Companion Specification Mining”


Fiona Mavroudis, Eickhoff Mining Technology (Chair WG OPC UA Mining)

  • Head of Application Engineering Eickhoff Mining Technology, Bochum
  • Group Leader Sensors and Automation Eickhoff Mining Technology, Bochum
  • Technical Development / Project Engineering Eickhoff Mining Technology, Bochum
  • Postdoc Dr.-Ing, RWTH Aachen IMR Institute Mining and Metallurgy Machinery
  • Research Engineer, RWTH BGMR Institute Excavation and Mining Equipment Group
  • Dr.-Ing. Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering RWTH University, Germany
  • Dipl.-Ing. Mining Engineering, Specialization in Automation and Sensors, RWTH University, Germany

Tobias Hartmann, RWTH Aachen, Advanced Mining Technologies

  • Senior Engineer at the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies at the RWTH Aachen University
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
  • Six-month internship at the iron ore production Pilbara, prototype testing
  • Master thesis at Eickhoff GmbH, localization of the cutting drum at the shearer loader
  • Research Assistant at the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies at RWTH Aachen University since 2015
  • Research on the localization and navigation of mining machinery
  • Senior Engineer at the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies at RWTH Aachen University since June 2019
  • At the final stages of the doctoral thesis on localization and navigation of mobile machines in underground mining environments
  • Doing active research on design of machine to machine for communication of mobile machinery

Jörn Lehmann

Since 2015, VDMA Frankfurt, Mining Association

  • Manager standardization
  • Secretary Mining at NAM
  • Secretary CEN/TC 196 “Mining machinery and equipment”
  • Committee Manager ISO/TC 82 “Mining”

2008 – 2014 VDMA Frankfurt, VFI mbH, Project Management
2001 – 2007 VDMA Frankfurt, GzF, Project Manager, VDMA-e-market
1996 – 2001 VDMA Frankfurt, Power Transmission Engineering Association, Organisation research projects, Standardization
1993 – 1996 Carl Bockwoldt GmbH; Bad Oldelsloe Germany, Engineer, Research & Development
1986 – 1993 Mechanical Engineering studies at Technical University Braunschweig

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