GMG Workshop: Climate Action

Calling on experts – join and collaborate in real-time!

The impact of climate change is being felt around the world, and the mining industry has been vocal about the action that must be taken to protect our future. The development of the GMG Climate Action Working Group aims to create a collaborative space in which leaders can address industry concerns, and produce innovative solutions. This workshop will focus on defining which are the top priorities in regards to climate action in order to shape the future of the new GMG working group. 

Event Presentations

Decarbonizing the Materials Industry
Thomas Koch Blank, Senior Vice Principal, RMI

Thomas Koch Blank is an engineer by education, trained in operations and drilled in business acumen at McKinsey & Company before moving to RMI where he is now a Senior Vice Principal. While at McKinsey & Company he built the very first ‘McKinsey Marginal Abatement Cost Curve’ in 2005 and built what would become a full-scale Practice around Sustainability and Resource Productivity. He has broad cross-sector insight in Energy and Climate related opportunities and extensive experience from on-site work with industrial facilities to improve productivity of energy, carbon and other resources, through 100+ site visits globally. 

Teck’s Climate Change Strategy and Pathway to Decarbonization
Chris Adachi, Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, Teck Resources Limited

Chris Adachi, Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, joined Teck in 2009.  Chris’ work at Teck focuses on a spectrum of issues related to Climate Change, including policies and regulations, public reporting and disclosure, and energy and carbon performance and management.  Through his role at Teck, he is currently a member of the Mining Association of British Columbia’s Climate Action Working Group, the Mining Association of Canada’s Energy Task Force, and the International Council of Mining and Metal’s Climate Change Task Force. Chris holds a Bachelors of Arts from McMaster University, a Master of Forestry from UBC, and a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo.

The next Climate Action workshop will be taking place on July 7, 2020 – 8:00AM – 11:00AM EDT  | 12:00PM – 3:00PM UTC | 8:00PM – 11:00PM AWST. To get involved, click here and select the 2nd date option.