GMG Workshop: Applications of AI in Mining, Montreal | Oct 31

The Applications of AI in Mining project group will host a regional workshop in Montreal at the end of October to work on further defining this recently launched project.

Far away from Montreal? A parallel workshop is being held in Melbourne, Australia on October 28.


Andy Chapman Technical Manager, Mining Solutions at Peck Tech


Many mining stakeholders have implemented various AI applications and experimented with different approaches—some have seen success while others have been disappointed. This project aims to leverage lessons learned from these efforts to build a library of algorithms, techniques and applications and using those to develop a guideline for applying AI.

An initial workshop was held in September, where participants identified several potential project deliverables. The output of this project may include guidance on:

  • Defining failure
  • Defining a meaningful data set
  • Change management
  • Getting started
  • Technical implementation (e.g., sensors and units of measurement, data storage, analytics, connectivity, edge computing)
  • Classifying tools and techniques
  • Scaling solutions
  • Improving data literacy


This project is still in its very early stages, so a key objective for this workshop will be around further defining the nature of the project and a path for moving forward. For example, participants will:

    • Refine the scope of the project
    • Define a method for moving forward
    • Identify how the project output will be presented
    • Identify first steps

Participants will also draw on the outcomes from the workshop held on the 28th in Melbourne, Australia.

Further information

We invite those with an interest in and experience with AI and digital transformation in mining to register for this workshop.

An agenda and logistical details will be sent to all registered participants prior to the workshop.

For more information please contact Donald Roberge,

Thank you to our host, Scale AI

Scale AI is a Canadian AI Innovation Supercluster that funds industry-led projects, triggers new industry collaborations and trains leaders in the cutting-edge use of AI throughout their supply chains. Join us on October 31 to learn how you can partner with Scale AI to fund your AI projects. Come ready to ask questions and expect to leave with ideas for projects you could submit on behalf of your organization. You won’t want to miss it.