GMG Workshop: Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment, Brisbane | Jun 18 – Jun 19

GMG will host a workshop to finalize the draft of the Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment Guideline and to define the next phase of work. Attendance at this workshop is limited to individuals with strong expertise and experience in functional safety for autonomous mining equipment.


The key objective of the workshop is to finalize the draft guideline, which includes:

  1. Go through the entire functional safety lifecycle, identifying which standards should be applied at which stages.
  2. Clarify the roles of OEMs and operators, providing guidance on issues of trust related to IP, and how to deal with the purchase of “off-the-shelf” equipment that has already been through the functional safety lifecycle

Additionally, participants will address the next stages of the project, including content for the next guideline and requirements for implementation.


For more information on registration or on the Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment project, please contact David Sanguinetti