GMG Workshop: Mobile Equipment Open Data, Tucson | Oct 24

The GMG Mobile Equipment Open Data sub-committee of the Data Access and Usage Working Group will host an afternoon half-day workshop to identify priorities and work on a consensus framework for second edition of the guideline from 1:00-3:30.


Mine operators are looking for advanced services to support the ongoing health, condition, and performance of equipment, and the modern mine environment is making this possible. New technologies and systems generate huge volumes of source data related to the real-time and historical performance of mining equipment. To ensure the safety of their operations and to extract maximum value from these data, operators need to be able to access them. At the same time, OEM intellectual property rights must also be protected. Consensus on the issue is essential.

The first edition of the Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus Guideline was published in 2016. It identified onboard datasets that should be available to equipment owners in a real-time, read-only format. This guideline was intended to be a starting point to be built upon in future editions that would revisit some of the data identified as closed and consider new data items.

The operational environment has also changed since the first edition was published. Increased digitalization and adoption of technologies such as autonomous systems and remote operations have also made the issues surrounding open data even more complicated. Over the past year, our community has emphasized the importance of addressing open data, the challenges around reaching a consensus and the impact of these challenges. There is a clear and pressing need for moving forward with updating and expanding guidance on the issue.


The objective of this workshop is to define a way forward for the second edition of the guideline. Drawing on the first edition of the guideline, participants will identify the focus of and key areas to cover and to dig deep into some of the more challenging aspects of them.

Further information

Representatives from mining companies and OEMs with experience on the topic are encouraged to attend.

An agenda and logistical details will be sent to all registered participants prior to the workshop.

For more information please contact Emma Loiselle at

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