GMG Workshop: System Safety

Join and collaborate in real-time!

We’re reaching out to enlist your participation in the System Safety for Autonomous Mining white paper project. Volunteer experts are needed to contribute to the content development of the white paper. Over the coming months the guideline will be drafted through contribution and collaboration of peers around the globe. Part of the project development will include virtual workshops taking place on May 28 and June 16 towards the goal of publishing this year.


Project details

A systems safety approach will ensure we are developing a mechanism for the future which will support complex autonomous systems, intelligent mine solutions and Industry 4.0.

Systems safety provides assurance that the right system has been built and it can continue to be operated correctly. Functional safety as a subset of this provides the mechanism by which the system which has been built can be relied upon.

The white paper will address the use of automation within the mining sector, both surface and underground. It will apply to all automated moving equipment and to the integration of automated and semi-automated moving equipment and automated fixed plant, as well as to complex integrated system of systems across the mining sector. It will be aimed at all stakeholders within the mining sector with the aim of eliciting support for further development of a consolidated approach to system safety within mining. Learn more about the project here.

Some examples of the value of system safety include:

  • Enhanced interoperability
  • Improved safety resulting in increased productivity
  • Avoids ambiguity between OEMs, operators and third-party product developers
  • Reduces cost to the business
  • Decreases cyber risk
  • De-risks regulatory compliance as it creates a streamlined and common approach to systems safety
  • Inter-connectivity that provides flexibility


How to engage in the project

There are many ways you can contribute to making this project a valuable guidance document:

  • Share this page throughout your company and with colleagues far and wide who have experience, expertise and interest in this area
  • Join the project group!
  • Participate in the workshops to develop pieces of guideline content

To accommodate multiple time zones, we have scheduled separate dates and times:

April 29 – 8:00PM – 11:00PM EDT | 00:00AM – 3:00AM UTC (April 30)

May 28 – 8:00AM – 11:00AM EDT | 12:00PM – 3:00PM UTC

June 16 – 11:00AM – 2:00PM EDT | 3:00PM – 6:00PM UTC