Open Data Sets for AI in Mining – Online Interactive Event | April 23, 2020

Building AI-enabled mines and data-driven operations

This edition of the Interactive Online Event series focuses on Artificial Intelligence. Hear from experts at CITIC Pacific Mining and Newtrax on how they are advancing the application of AI in mining.

The breakout session gives you the chance to role up your sleeves and contribute to defining what should be included in the GMG Open Data Sets for AI in Mining guideline.

The guideline, for the collection and curation of data sets, is the first deliverable in the Open Data Sets for AI project which aims to make available open data sets specific to the mining sector for AI research and development by creating a suitable data sets repository to allow for broad industry access and creating a framework document that outlines the defined data gathering process.


Developing Open Data Sets for AI in the Mining Sector


Rob Johnston
Project Manager, CITIC Pacific Mining

The Global Mining Guideline’s AI in Mining Working Group has begun to work collaboratively with its stakeholders to build the case for open data sets specific to the mining sector for AI development. GMG believes this will enhance the ability to build meaningful solutions for the industry by providing typical data relating to assets or operations for training and testing of models, and allowing all parties to have the ability to benchmark solutions and research more effectively.

From idea to product: The application of AI algorithms in mining

Louis-Pierre Campeau
Team Lead, Artificial Intelligence, Newtrax

With the mining sector embracing more and more the principles of the industry 4.0, we expect artificial intelligence to be the next revolution in mining. But in data science, between ideas and products there is a long and tortuous road. This presentation will describe how Newtrax has managed to move from ideas to reality for the application of AI technology in mining. Best practices and common traps to avoid will be discussed as well.

Through all of our interactive events GMG will dig into the industry’s burning issues, seek solutions to solve common challenges and identify what we can do to build a sustainable future through virtual collaboration and information sharing.