Partner Event: Mines and Technology London | November 25-27

Mines and Technology London is the leading EMEA and Americas event for mining optimisation. Focused on maximising profit now, practical advice and future thinking; this enables you to meet miners who are actively looking at production and exploration enhancement, profit maximisation & risk reduction.

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Increased production, streamlined operations, automated processes… All this is possible as mining companies turn to digital technologies to increase profits and boost performance. Whether it’s using UAVs for sub-surface imaging, synchronising automated trucks or creating a secure LTE communications network; innovations are transforming the industry at an incredible pace!

Mines and Technology London is the definitive meeting place for all forward-thinking miners and industry-leading tech providers. You can expect to see detailed case studies, cutting-edge tech demos, heated panel debates and so much more.

If you’re looking to meet the world’s leading mining technologies buyers and suppliers this is the event for you.

Collocated with Mines and Money London.

10% of Delegate Passes for all GMG Membersplease contact Emma Loiselle, Events Coordinator and Special Projects, for the code. 

Mines and Technology London